Break through mental blocks, unlock your motivation, and follow through to complete the projects that matter to you and your future.

Choose the Right One!

Most creative people have a lot of ideas. Unfortunately, they often choose the wrong ones to pursue. Learn why, and how to make sure you choose well.

Plan for Success

So much depends on how you organize your project. Learn the steps you must take to increase your odds of finishing.

Overcome Your Demons

Discover the demons that silently sabotage your progress without you even being aware of their destructiveness. Then learn how to defeat them!

Does this picture look familiar?

It did for me for a lot of years. I'd get started on a project and I'd be all excited, then about halfway through, something would happen. I'd get stuck, life would interfere, or my self-doubt would take over. I'd try to push through, but I just didn't know how, so I'd start over instead.

Wanna know what that got me? A file full of unfinished projects—in my case, novels. And a lot of unfulfilled dreams.

Hi. My name is Colleen M. Story, and I've been where you are.

It took me a long time—too long, really—to realize what my struggle was about.

It wasn't that my projects weren't "good enough." It wasn't that I was not disciplined enough, or hard-working enough.

I wasn't finishing for one reason and one reason only: I didn't know HOW to finish a project.

It was a skill I'd never learned, and I'm willing to bet you never did either.

Do you have a project—or two or three—sitting unfinished on your desk? Would you like to learn why you're having trouble finishing it, and the secrets to overcoming those challenges?

As a writer, musician, artist, or other creative individual, you must be able to follow through on your vision and take your projects all the way from start to finish. That’s the best way to build a business and make progress in your career.

But too many artists get stuck somewhere along the way. Life interferes and pulls you out of your work. You lose momentum. You suffer from some sort of creative block. Self-doubt makes you think the project “isn’t good enough.” You lose your motivation.

Whatever it is, the result is the same: The project remains unfinished.

This is dangerous, both for you and for your creative business.

An unfinished project means NOTHING. Take it from me. I know. My business failed to grow until I learned this one critical skill. Once I did, everything changed for me.

Too often our projects live in our heads, and we think we'll get to them "eventually," but if your projects have languished unfinished on your computer file for months or longer, you're robbing yourself of the creative success you could be enjoying right now.

What you'll learn:

• Why it can be so hard to take a creative project from beginning to end, and what's so different about creative projects compared to other types of projects.

• What "not finishing" does to you and your potential as a creative artist.

• How to choose the most promising project to work on—and why this is such a critical step.

• The detailed work you need to do in the beginning planning stages to keep yourself on track. (Along with worksheets and guidance to help you do it!)

• Your unique motivation preference and how to stay motivated through the tough times.

• How to get through the "slog"—the dreaded middle of any project where most creatives quit.

• How to defeat the six most common demons that derail a creative artist's progress, including perfectionism and self-doubt.

• How to troubleshoot problems you may encounter with your project along the way.

• The biggest reason why many creatives quit just when they're almost done—and how to push through.

"Whatever it takes to finish things, finish. You will learn more from a glorious failure than you ever will from something you never finished.”

― Neil Gaiman

You Can Do This—and You Owe It To Yourself to Try

I'm pleased to say that I finally overcame my habit of leaving my projects unfinished. After I realized what I really needed to do was to learn HOW to finish, I dove into it wholeheartedly, learning everything I could about the subject. Once I figured it out, my creative business grew by leaps and bounds.

Over time, I became an expert on the topic, and now I teach courses around the country helping other creatives to learn this valuable skill.

But you don't have to travel to take this course—you can do it right in the comfort of your own home.

There's an epidemic of unfinished projects in the world today, which hurts both creative artists and all those who could benefit from their work.

Don't let that be you. Let me help you become a finisher.

Loved the course, Colleen.

I have a total of six unfinished projects to tackle and was poised to reach for the shiny new object. You stopped me in my tracks and I now have one project in the hands of the person who's doing my formatting and the second project almost ready for my editor's review. Thanks!

~Pat Stoltey, Author

Great course, Colleen.

From the first minute, I liked your professional, authoritative, and confident appearance and voice. It inspired in me an idea of what my own success could be if I could finish the course. The content is a consistent presentation of facts backed up by research and statistics, which builds up more confidence. Hearing that finishing is a learnable skill changed my self-perception to the positive....I'll start my finishing habit with this course. Thank you for sharing your knowledge, expertise, and insight.

~Jane Tucker, Writer

What a course!

It was easy to grasp the concepts and ideas and I believe I have enough information to tackle my project and complete it this time. With the framework you've given me, I believe I know what I can include and what parts of my story I can leave out. At least I know what demons have prevented me from completing my work. I feel much stronger and ready to go to work on my story.

~Marion Cason, Writer

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